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We raise the bar on corporate governance.

The Institute of Corporate Directors is a non-stock, not-for-profit organization dedicated to the professionalization of Philippine corporate directorship by raising the level of corporate governance policy and practice to world-class standards.

The Corporate Governance Orientation Program is a one-day course covering the basic principles, importance, and benefits of modern corporate governance.

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The PDP is a 5-day course that expands knowledge and appreciation of the role of a corporate director. This flagship course is designed to professionalize the practice of corporate directorship and promote best practices in the boardroom.

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The Finance for Directors is a one-day training course on Finance and Accounting that provides directors and senior executives the ability to quickly interpret and assess a company’s financial condition, a skill that helps drive board decisions. It is a known and proven fact that financial competence is the link to corporate success. As such, Philippine regulatory agencies, SEC, BSP, PSE and DOF have all required financial literacy for Board Directors of financial and publicly listed institutions.

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StEP Essentials, the flagship course, delves into the intricacies of the strategic process. This how-to course provides the working team with the skills and tools needed to craft a strategic plan which would lead them to the successful realization their corporate vision, accomplishing the goals determined by their Directors.

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Family Business Governance, a two-day seminar for family members, directors, key officers and other stakeholders of family businesses. The seminar consists of the following modules: Introduction to Corporate Governance, Family Business Governance Framework, Family Enterprise Development and Board Evolution, Succession Planning, and Family Protocols.

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Strategy Design for Directors is a one-day progam that provides basic orientation on the balanced scorecard. The course orients participants on the strategy map, some process techniques used for setting strategic direction and the use of the scorecard for performance management.

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The Corporate Secretary as Corporate Governance Professionals course has the basic principles, importance, and benefits of modern corporate governance to global, regional, and local initiatives and reform. It also discusses the powers, duties, role, and the importance of Corporate Secretaries in an organization.

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Covering the core oversight functions of Audit with special emphasis on the requirements of publicly-listed companies, Enhancing Audit Committee Effectiveness (Essentials) aims to enable Audit Committee members to effectively meet the demands of their important role in helping the corporation achieve its overall objectives. Participants will learn leading practices through lectures and case discussions that also promote interaction and network building.   

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Business Integrity by ICD is a one-day course that will enable companies to comply with the relevant local or international laws and regulations regarding corrupt practices in the corporate sector.

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Be part of a learned society of over 300 professional directors practicing good ethics, with a shared vision and a commitment to social responsibility.

As an ICD Member, you can –

  • enjoy monthly continuous learning, networking and fellowship events;
  • support the good governance advocacy by contributing to ICD publications and position papers;
  • affix the post-nominal FICD (Fellow), GICD (Graduate member) or AICD (Associate) after your name;
  • be recommended by ICD to corporate boards, subject to the fit between professional qualifications and requirements.
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