Board Services

ICD’s board services team provides companies with the necessary tools to implement the principles of good governance and strategy execution. These interventions bridge learning from the corporate governance courses, the sharing of standards of the Corporate Governance Scorecard, and the practices, strategies and tactics implemented within the organization.

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Strategy Execution Pathway Corporate Board Retreats

StEP is a two-part program that helps organizations improve in both strategy design and systematic execution. The workshop assists companies in the process of revitalizing their Vision, Mission and Core Values, and the development of their Strategy Map and Balanced Scorecard. StEP Facilitators coach boards and executive management teams on alignment, discipline, and engagement for sustained performance results.

Board Design and Board Protocol

ICD assists companies in building a professional board by providing a working outline on specific board duties and expectations using the perspectives of the board as a collegial body, the board as working committees, and as individual board members.

Board Director Sourcing

ICD assists publicly listed and private companies in recruiting qualified and professionally-trained directors for their organizations’ board vacancies. ICD draws from its pool of over 300 Fellows and Graduate Members who have gone through ICD’s flagship Professional Director’s Program, confirmed by ICD Members and have taken ICD’s Oath of Membership.

Board Evaluation

ICD offers third party assessment of the Board’s effectiveness based on the structure, processes, strategy role, and overall performance.