"My experience at ICD in both the introductory course and the weeklong PDP course was first rate. Instructors were engaging, interesting and knowledgeable. I found the application of these governance issues to the Philippine marketplace especially insightful; garnered through some excellent case studies and interactions with fellow students from a cross section of both the business community and government. I have been able to take this experience back to my board and apply what I've learned to good effect. An excellent experience!"

David F. Murchison
Executive Director
Asian Development Bank

"The Corporate Governance Orientation is definitely a necessary session for officers and would-be officers to attend and actively participate in. The discussions are relevant and thought-provoking. I recommend this to anyone who would like to drive their companies to the next level of governance, and would like to make their business models more sustainable and resilient in these changing and challenging times."

Necy Santiago
Head, Treasury and Strategic Sourcing
Philippine American Life & General Insurance Company

"As an estate planning practitioner, I learned new insights from the (Family Business Governance) seminar and workshop conducted by very competent and experienced speakers. I highly recommend this to family business owners who desire to have continuity of their business from one generation to another. Being able to develop a good family business governance will certainly pave the way to the fruition of a more harmonious family relationship and sustainable intergenerational family business. And such is the true legacy that a family can pass on from generation to generation thereby contributing favorably to nation-building."

Atty. Marichu Y. Phua