To qualify as an ICD Fellow, the following criteria must be met:

  1. EDUCATION. Completed the 5-module Professional Directors Program
  2. EXAMINATION. Took and passed an examination
  3. EXPERIENCE. Has served as a corporate director
  4. ETHICS. Committed to professional, socially responsible behavior

Yes. Membership applications from all over the Philippines are welcome, benefits and process are the same for all.

ICD offers corporate governance learning solutions specifically for board members and key executives.

  • Corporate Governance Orientation Program
  • Professional Directors Program
  • Distinguished Corporate Governance Speaker Series
  • Advanced Corporate Governance Training Program
  • Corporate Secretary as Corporate Governance Professional Program
  • Enhancing Audit Committee Effectiveness
  • Business Integrity Workshop
  • Family Business Governance Workshop
  • Board Strategy for Directors
  • Strategy Execution Pathway (Essentials and Masters) Workshops

There are several membership categories based on qualifications and commitment:

  1. A Fellow (FICD) has completed the Professional Directors Program (PDP) and has sufficient experience as a Director.
  2. A Graduate Member (GICD) has completed the PDP but may still lack the required experience as a Director.
  3. An Associate Member (AICD) has completed the Corporate Governance Orientation Program, the first step to completing the PDP.

ICD may also bestow the title of Honorary Fellow (FICD) to an individual whom the Board of Trustees chooses.