Published: 08:00 AM, November 17, 2017

Updated: 06:49 PM, November 27, 2017

Corporate Governance Conference Highlights: Competing Against Risk

Competing Against Risk

September 26, 2017, Dusit Thani Hotel

ICD hosted the  Corporate Governance Conference “Competing Against Risk” last September 26, 2017 at the Dusit Thani Manila.  The event was launched  in partnership with the Management Association of the Philippines (MAP), the Financial Executives Institute of the Philippines (FINEX), and the Institute of Internal Auditors of the Philippines (IIAP), with  advocacy partners, Ominipay, ACL, PHILAM Life, Diversified Global Graphics Group DG3  and American International Group(AIG) as major sponsors.


The conference was attended by more than 200 individuals consisting of ICD Fellows and Members, members of the Management Association of the Philippines, FINEX and IIAP and over 50 guests.

Aon Insurance & Reinsurance Brokers Philippines Inc. CEO, and ICD Fellow, Mr. Andrew Minnitt  and  McKinsey & Company Senior Partner, Mr. Gabriele Vigo opened the conference with  keynotes on Global Risk Trends and Concerns of Philippine Executives.  Environmental Risk was tackled next by World Bank Senior Environmental Engineer, Engr. Gerardo Pio Francisco Parco and Maynilad Water Services’ President and CEO, Mr. Ramoncito Fernandez who shared that, "Perhaps, the biggest risk we are facing is the water source. In partnership with MWSS, We are addressing this concern by rethinking protocol, investing in new technology, and finding new water sources."  The ensuing panel discussion was led by P&A Grant Thornton’s Chief Executive Officer and Chairperson and ICD Teaching Fellow Ms. Marivic Españo.

Mr. Andrew Minnitt , CEO of Aon Insurance opens the Competing Against Risk, CG Conference last September.

Ayala Corporation Associate Director and National Compeititiveness Council’s Private Sector Co-Chairman Mr. Guillermo Luz gave a talk about global competitiveness and the Philippines’ ranking compared to other nations.  Mr. Luz provided updates on initiatives addressing trade processes that are being implemented to improve the country’s competitiveness ranking.   Access to services online is a critical step in achieving this goal.

Peace and Order risk issues were spoken for by the Armed Forces of the Philippines’ Deputy Chief of Staff of Intelligence MGEN Filemon T. Santos Jr. J2 and Center for Police Strategy and Management’s Director and  PCSUPT Noel A. Baraceros.  Major Gen. Santos talked about the Philippines’ internal security situation, the efforts and undertaking  to address existing  threats, as well as the steps the private sector may take to help authorities and the public safety situation. PCSUPT Noel A. Baraceros on the other hand presented current state and performance of peace and order efforts in the country and the regions.